At Gorgeous Goat, you’ll find pasteurized goat’s milk (in glass bottles!), farmstead cheeses (including fresh goat cheese such as chèvre and feta), goat’s milk yogurt, and goat’s milk buttermilk. We also make small-batch, handcrafted goats milk soap.

We make all of our products right here on the farm in Hunterdon County, New Jersey. We use our own goat’s milk from our herd of Alpine dairy goats so you get the freshest products every week.

Through our products and our on-farm events, we’re on a mission to spread awareness and appreciation for local animal agriculture. After all, it’s all about the goats!

Our Values

Environmental Sustainability

We practice responsible agricultural and forestry methods to improve our land. 

Animal Stewardship

Our goats are critical staff members. We give them the best living conditions and care possible. 


By adhering to the highest standards of food safety and integrity, we guarantee premium, artisanal dairy products.

Agricultural Experiences

We empower our community with knowledge of agricultural practices and small-scale food production.

When you choose Gorgeous Goat

You support local.

We know you care about the quality of our farming practices and our products. Our dairy products carry the Jersey Fresh logo, which means our products are proudly made in the Garden State. 

The herd of goats at Gorgeous Goat Creamery is managed by Maria, who is a certified Quality Dairy Producer via Langston University in Oklahoma.

We partner Odd Bird Brewing to upcycle their spent brewing grains as feed for our goats. Goats prefer dark beer over light beer. Well, the spent brewing grains, that is…. The heart of any beer is malted grains, usually malted barley. The by-product of beer making is called “spent grain”, which is the protein and fiber-rich fraction off the grain. This is a great food for our goats, and we pick up over 300 lbs of spent grains each week from Odd Bird Brewing. This upcycling reduces the energy footprint for both our goat dairy farm and the brewery. And we also love their beer.

We are also active in the agricultural community as members of the New Jersey Farm Bureau, Garden State Dairy Goat Association, and American Dairy Goat Association. Click on a logo to learn more

Regenerative Reforestation Efforts

The farm is predominantly cloaked in hardwood forest and is home to a variety of tree species including white oak, red oak, red maple, sugar maple, shagbark hickory, and ash. Recently, our forest has faced a formidable challenge from the emerald ash borer, an invasive beetle that targets ash trees. This pest aggressively feeds on the trees, causing them to shed their leaves and eventually die. Such damage has spurred a significant turnover in tree populations, threatening the overall health of our woodland.

At Gorgeous Goat Creamery, we recognize the critical need to protect and rejuvenate these forests to sustain our local ecosystem. We are deeply committed to forest regeneration efforts, ensuring that these woods thrive for generations to come.

Our goats are the primary forces against invasive species growth. Goats love to eat multiflora rose, barberry, and stilt grass. From April through October, the goats spend all day in the forest munching on the invasive species. It naturally fills their bellies with nutritious food and supports our sustainable forest management plan. Our environmentally conscious approach to forest management benefits the forest, our goats and us!

We utilize forest products on our property to heat our house, provide shelter for our animals, and for our market displays. Our custom milled wood and firewood are available locally in Hunterdon County, New Jersey as special order products.