Gorgeous Goat Creamery, nestled in Hunterdon County, New Jersey, is the passion project of first-generation farmers Maria Stewart and Matt Kriegler.

When we moved to New Jersey in 2016, we settled on a lovely property that’s now home to Gorgeous Goat Creamery. Initially, our forested land was choked with thorny, invasive shrubbery that was preventing native plants from growing. We needed an eco-friendly solution to manage invasive plants.

This is where the goats come in.

Goats will eat just about anything, so we decided to spring for the most all-natural weedkiller of all. We started small, with just four homestead goats. But then a question popped into my head: “Wouldn’t it be fun to get a milking goat?” Fun became sort of an obsession, and that’s how in the year 2020, Gorgeous Goat Creamery was born.

Since then, we’ve turned our love for goats into your source for high-quality, sustainable goat dairy products. From our artisanal products to our on-farm events, we want to share the joy of delicious goat dairy. 

It's all about the goats.

It all started with one simple question: “Wouldn’t it be fun to get a milking goat?”

Born from a love for goats and a passion for sustainable farming, Gorgeous Goat Creamery has evolved from a small family operation to a beloved community landmark. Our journey is one of dedication to quality in all that we do and sharing the joy of goats with others.

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