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Gorgeous Goat Creamery invites you to visit the farm during one of our events or tours and make friends with the goats.  Because we are a working farm, we are not open to the public unless we have an event scheduled.  Thank you for your understanding.

Check out events you can register for below!

Visit the farm

Hike With Goats

Stroll through the forest with a small herd of goats along your side. The hiking trail is 3/4 mile, mostly flat with some rocks and roots along the way, so we ask that you leave the strollers at home for this event. Be ready for a leisurely stroll while we laugh at the goats’ funny antics. This event is suitable for ages 5 and older. Younger children may join, and we encourage their adult companions to assist them on hike. Pets are not allowed.
Offered July – November

Farm Tours

Learn how we milk our goats and make our delicious goat cheese at our small family dairy. You’ll also meet the herd that makes the magic happen!
Offered May – November.
Tour lasts 45-60 minutes.

Goat Farmer for a Day​

Roll up your sleeves and put your boots on! This is an experience like none other. Join us for our evening goat feeding routine.
Offered Saturdays 4pm-7pm.
Participants must be 8 years old or older.

What to Know Before You Go

Registration Is Required

Join our email list to get first dibs on event registration access. 

Events Are Capped

Our goats don’t like huge crowds, so we try to keep the groups small. Plus, you get more one-on-one time with the herd! 


Parking Is Limited

We’re a small farm, so parking can get tight. Carpool with a friend to free up space!

Baby Goat Events

Baby goat season is only between March and May so the next events are in March 2025.  Sign up for our email to be the first to know when you can come snuggle with our baby goats and feed them a warm bottle of milk during their lunch time.
Offered March – May
Warning: this event will make you want to adopt a baby goat!

Interested in a private event?

We book private farm tours, goat hikes (summer/fall) and baby goat events (spring) by request. All events are 100% outside. Contact us with your request by clicking the button below.

See You At The Farm!