Find our Products in the Community

When you choose Gorgeous Goat Creamery’s dairy products, not only are you supporting local agriculture and a small family farm, but you are also supporting our local community. We partner Odd Bird Brewing to upcycle their spent brewing grains as feed for our goats. We patronize many other local businesses to keep the economic wheels turning in our community. Our dairy products are available seasonally at farmers markets and local cafes and shops.

Odd Bird Brewing- they feed our goats so you should drink their beer

The goats prefer dark beer over light beer.  Well, the spent brewing grains, that is…. The heart of any beer is malted grains, usually malted barley.  The grains are steeps in hot water to release the sugars that eventually become beer.  The by-product of beer making is called “spent grain”, which is the protein and fiber-rich fraction off the grain.  This is a great food for our goats, and we pick up over 300 lbs of spent grains each week from Odd Bird Brewing.   They help us out by offering a nutritious upcycled meal for the goats, and we help them find a new home for a by-product that has little value to a brewer after the beer is made.  We are fortunate to be less than 5 miles from Odd Bird Brewing.  This upcycling reduces the energy footprint for both our goat dairy farm and the brewery.  And we also love their beer. 

We are also active in the agricultural community as members of the New Jersey Farm Bureau, Garden State Dairy Goat Association, and American Dairy Goat Association.  Maria is a certified Quality Dairy Producer with Langston University.

New Jersey Farm Bureau
American Dairy Goat Association
Langston University