Our 2023 dairy season has ended and our lady goats are starting their maternity leave. Cheese and milk will be available starting mid-April 2024. Check back for our season opening dates.

Delicious Dairy Products
available seasonally May - December

Goat cheese new jersey


Chevre is a traditional soft, fresh goat cheese. Our creamy cheese is spreadable so you can enjoy it on your favorite slice of fresh bread, a bagel, or crackers. We offer it in 4 oz jars and 8 oz tubs at our Farmer's Markets. See the events calendar for upcoming markets

100% Goats Milk Feta

Our 100% goat's milk feta brings together the rich flavor of goat cheese with the bright and salty character of feta. We cube our feta so its ready to add to your salad, toss into scrambled eggs, or just snack on. We offer it in 4 oz and 8 oz tubs at our Farmer's Markets. See the events calendar for upcoming markets.

Bottled Goat's Milk

Our pasteurized goat's milk is the only farmstead-bottled goat's milk in New Jersey. We bottle it just one or two days before it arrives at the market. Our bottles are returnable glass bottles that reduce our environmental footprint.

Goat's Milk Yogurt

This smoothie-style yogurt is made with probiotic cultures to support digestive health. It pairs great with seasonal fruit and granola. Our yogurt is also the perfect ingredient for creamy salad dressing, sauces like Tzaziki sauce, and Indian cuisine.

Goat's milk: natural nutrition

Our goat's milk is pasteurized and bottled on farm to offer you the freshest product possible. Goat's milk offer balanced nutrition with vitamins and minerals for well being. The protein in goat's milk is easier to digest than cow's milk so your body can benefit from this natural nutrition powerhouse. We bottle our milk in returnable glass bottles to reduce our environmental footprint.