About Gorgeous Goat Creamery

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Meet the Farmers

Nice to make your acquaintance! We are first-generation dairy farmers, Maria and Matt. We started our farm in 2018 selling firewood and handmade soap under the name Stewgler Farm & Forest. Our ambitions shifted towards the farmstead dairy, Gorgeous Goat Creamery, and we launched our first dairy products in Summer 2020.  Neither of us aspired to be farmers as we went through college or our careers.  It just happened!  On the farm, Matt is the CCM (Chief Cheese Maker), CMO (Chief Mechanical Officer) and Head of the Forestry Division.  I’m the CGO (Chief Goat Officer), CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) and CCO (Chief Compliance Officer).  I also lead the Personal Care Division and the Farm Experience Division.  Although I write this in almost a joking manner, its true. Just as with most farmers, we wear many hats.

We started Gorgeous Goat Creamery to share the joy of goats and delicious goat dairy products with the local community. We invite you to visit the farm and the goats during our farm events.  Our dairy products are available May through December at local farmer’s markets and retail outlets in West-Central New Jersey. 

About the Farm

Located in Hunterdon Country, New Jersey.

At Gorgeous Goat Creamery, we nourish the community with a side of laughter and learning. We make all of our dairy products right on the farm, with our own goat’s milk from our herd of Alpine dairy goats. In 2023 we will offer pasteurized goat’s milk in glass bottles, farmstead cheeses, including fresh goat cheese such as chèvre and feta, goat’s milk yogurt, and goat’s milk buttermilk. We also make small-batch, handcrafted goats milk soap. Our mission is to increase community awareness and appreciation for local animal agriculture through the sale of sustainable, artisan goat dairy products. We promote our products via the story of our goats and our sustainable agricultural and forestry practices. Our small family farm produces all of our products on-site, so we bring the freshest cheese and milk to the market each week. We offer agritourism experiences that build consumer awareness of animal agriculture and small-scale food production. We aim to build consumer confidence in local agriculture and dairy products.

Our Values

Environmental sustainability: We employ sustainable agricultural and forestry practices. As stewards of the land, we want to leave our space in better condition than when we started.

Animal well-being: Our goats are critical staff members. We give them the best living conditions and care possible. Their high job satisfaction means they do their best work, whether it is making milk or managing the invasive species.

Quality dairy products: We adhere to the highest food safety standards when bottling our milk and and making our cheese.

Agricultural experiences: We connect consumers with the source of their food. Following the “know your farmer, know your food” mantra, we aim to empower consumers with knowledge of agricultural practices and small-scale food production to foster a greater appreciation of locally sourced food and greater confidence in animal-derived foods and beverages.

We know you care about the quality of our farming practices and our products.

Our dairy products carry the Jersey Fresh logo, which means our products are proudly made in the Garden State. We are as local as local can get!

The herd of goats at Gorgeous Goat Creamery is managed by Maria, who is a certified Quality Dairy Producer via Langston University in Oklahoma.

The creamery is licensed dairy by the
New Jersey Department of Agriculture and New Jersey Department of Health